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Municipal Clerk

Patricia A. Feketics, RMC, CMR, Municipal Clerk/Registrar
Phone: 609.729.8040
E-Mail: or

Vicky Mason, Deputy Municipal Clerk/Deputy Registrar
Phone: 609.729.8039

The Office of the Municipal Clerk has many statutory duties, which include acting as secretary to the governing body, chief administrative officer for all local elections, registrar of voters and the custodian of records. The Office of the Clerk also facilitates the issuance of various licenses and permits.

Acting as Secretary to the Governing body, the Office of the Municipal Clerk maintains all records with regard to the Borough’s local ordinances, resolutions, and public proceedings. The Municipal Clerk prepares the agendas for all commission meetings and officially records the minutes for those meetings; processes, records and files ordinances and resolutions and other official documents.

Serving as the Borough’s Election Official, the Municipal Clerk serves as the Registrar of Voters, accepts petitions for vacancies in local elected offices, provides materials for local and school board elections, selects polling locations and calculates and maintains custody of election results.

As the official Custodian of all borough records and documents, the Municipal Clerk is also responsible for all Open Public Records Requests (OPRA), as well as Right to Know Requests. The Clerk’s Office is a major source of information for our residents and as such, all open public record requests are accepted through this office.

Rental Application-Registration
All property owners who are renting or offering to rent any apartment, house or condominium unit must file an application/registration. Owner will be invoiced for any applicable fees or may contact the Mercantile Office at (609) 729-8039 or via email at for applicable fees.

Landlord Registration Statement
State Law (N.J.S.A. 46:8-28 ) requires every landlord to file a registration form with the clerk of the municipality where the dwelling is situated, for any building with a single unit dwelling or two unit dwelling that is not owner occupied.

In accordance with State Law  (N.J.S.A. 55:13A-1 et seq.) any building with three or more dwellings must register with the Bureau of Housing Inspection, P.O. Box 810, Trenton, NJ 08625, (609) 633-6225

Zoning Use Compliance
All new mercantile license applicants must apply for a Certificate of Zoning Use Compliance. Fee of $50 must accompany application and must be paid separately from any other fees. (If a certificate was issued at property closing a new certificate is not required. Include a copy of the certificate with your rental license application.

Dog & Cat Licenses
Dog and cat licenses can also be obtained from and paid for in the clerk's office. They are renewable in January of each year.

Parking Permits
Seasonal parking permits are available for purchase at the clerk's office on the first floor of Borough Hall Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $250 for the season. All parking permits must be purchased in person. Cash, check or money order only. Parking permits allow the purchaser to park at any metered parking space at any time during the summer season (May 15-Sept. 15). Permits are NOT replaceable if lost or stolen.
Application For Seasonal Parking Permits

Trash / Recycle Tags
Yearly Trash / Recycle Tags are available to all homeowners in the Borough of Wildwood Crest. They are available at the Municipal Clerk’s office with proof of residency.

Yard Sale Application
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