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Wildwood Crest New Jersey

Mayor & Commissioners

Joseph Franco, Jr.
Commissioner of Revenue & Finance

 Phone: 609-729-8042
  Fax: 609-522-7108

Joseph Franco, Jr. is a lifelong resident of Wildwood Crest, where he currently lives with his wife, Kelly.  He is a graduate of Crest Memorial Elementary School and Wildwood Catholic High School. After graduating from LaSalle University in 2002 with a degree in criminal justice, Joe returned to Wildwood Crest where he owns and operates a small business in Wildwood. 

Prior to his election as Commissioner, Joe served our community as a member of the Wildwood Crest Board of Education, the Green Team, the Tourism Development Committee, the Zoning Board, and the Creative Arts Council. He was the Cape May County School Board Association liaison for the Crest and he understands the importance of maintaining open communication with county entities. He was also instrumental in the formation of the Creative Arts Council, which focuses on growing and supporting our local arts community and various art-related initiatives. He believes in searching for new and innovative ways to bring revenue to the Crest while supporting the interests of its residents. 

Joe is the Commissioner of Revenue and Finance and Deputy Mayor of Wildwood Crest. He is committed to moving the Crest forward while being fiscally responsible. His decisions are driven by the needs of taxpayers.   

As a third-generation resident, Joe believes the best way to serve his community is to listen to the wants and needs of his fellow residents. His door is always open and he strives to continue to make Wildwood Crest a great place to live and visit. 


Don Cabrera, Mayor
Commissioner of Public Works & Recreation

Phone: 609-729-8043
  Fax: 609-522-7108

Don Cabrera is the Mayor and Commissioner of Public Works, Recreation and Tourism.

Don has been a Crest resident since 1989. He and his wife, Jeanine, have a 25-year-old son, Adam, who graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Don is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in recreation and park administration. He is the CEO of the Cabrera Companies Inc., an organization that specializes in real estate, property management and home repair.

Don is in his sixth term as a commission in Wildwood Crest after first being elected to the Board of Commissioners in 2001. He has served as Commissioner of Public Works, Recreation and Tourism throughout his entire tenure as an elected official in Wildwood Crest and was first appointed Mayor in January 2018.

Don is also the borough commissioners’ representative on the Wildwood Crest Tourism Development Commission and the Wildwood Crest Recreation Commission.

In April 2019, Don was elected to the New Jersey Conference of Mayors Board of Directors as the representative for Cape May County.

Don enjoys running, triathlons (an IronMan) and is an avid fan of the Washington Redskins. His philosophy in government is to solve problems proactively through a business-minded approach, develop new ideas and create vision for the community.


Joseph M. Schiff
Commissioner of Public Safety

Phone: 609-729-8033
  Fax: 609-522-7108

Joseph M. Schiff is the Commissioner of Public Safety, overseeing the borough’s police department, volunteer fire department, ambulance corps, beach patrol, code enforcement department and fire prevention bureau.

Joseph has been a resident of Wildwood Crest for more than 45 years. He possesses a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Temple University and a master’s degree in education administration from Rider University. He is retired from a 36-year career as a physical education schoolteacher, first working four years at St. Ann’s School in Wildwood before a 32-year stint in the Margate City School District, where he also served as the district’s domicile and truant officer for two years.

Joseph also worked 32 summers for Stroehmann Bread as a driver/salesperson and, most recently, spent 10 summers on the Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol as a transport driver.

Joseph has been involved in many volunteer ventures. He spent a total of 32 years on the Wildwood Crest Board of Education, spending 15 years as board president and another 13 years as board vice president. He stepped down as board president upon being elected as a borough commissioner. He also spent five years as a member of the Wildwood Crest Planning Board, has been part of the organizing committee for the Boardwalk Basketball Classic for close to 15 years and is a member of the Rotary Club of Wildwood.

Joseph is a widower after a marriage of 36 years. He has four adult children and three grandchildren.

Joseph believes communication and transparency with its citizens is vital for the continued growth of the Borough of Wildwood Crest. He advocates for all citizens to have a voice in local government in an effort to make collective sound choices in all borough matters.

Wildwood Crest Commissioners Joseph Franco Jr., Joseph M. Schiff and Don Cabrera were sworn into office on Jan. 4, 2022, and will serve as borough commissioners through Dec. 31, 2025.

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